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Wall to wall traditional bookcase with sliding library ladder and hidden bar. Bookcase features wide adjustable shelves throughout. Decorative detail made to match fireplace positioned on opposite side of the room. Sliding library ladder with brass rail. The bar is hidden behind the lower cabinet on the left hand side and is revealed when a hydraulic lift pushes a section of narrow shelves with bar below behind the bookshelves above. The hydraulic lift will gently lower the shelves back to their original position operated by a remote control button.

Size: 3.8m wide x 2.7m high x 0.5m deep

Materials: Solid and veneer Victorian ash stained Wattyl dark mahogany with clear satin lacquer finish.

Client Reference: “We truly love the library. It’s exactly what we had hoped for, especially the ‘secret bar’ which turned out to be a great little touch. It took us a long time to find someone we were happy with and I’m glad we waited! Thank you Mark for your design, your hard work, and always being accommodating and willing to listen to our thoughts. We really appreciate it all, and it was a pleasure dealing with you.”