Scope of work

Design, Manufacture, Installation.

At Designs Australia we will design you a unique piece of furniture for your home. Every piece that we make is uniquely designed just for you, then made and installed by one of our select group of Victorian-based cabinet and furniture makers.

With our range of makers we make any style of furniture from period reproduction furniture to contemporary bespoke furniture. We will work with you to ensure your furniture is functional, has the right scale and proportion, suits the style of your home and expresses your personal aesthetic.

How to begin

Think about the desired functionality, the style and the dimensions of your cabinetry. We recommend you look around our website for any design aspects that inspire you or find examples of furniture that inspires you from home maker magazines/sites. You don’t have to be precise. It may be a few thoughts put together.

Then call Mark Wang on 0409 388 813 for a phone discussion so we understand the parameters of your project. From reviewing all this information, Mark can provide you with a price guide to see whether it will fit your anticipated budget.

Once you are aware of this, we can arrange an obligation-free home consultation.

When we visit you

Establishing the concept design.

When we visit you, we will:

  • Discuss your functional and aesthetic requirements
  • Measure your space
  • Show you timber and laminate samples, paint samples
  • Show you reference photos
  • Establish a concept design as a result of the discussion


We will then provide you with a quotation to design, manufacture, delivery and install your new furniture.

Approved Plans

Once you accept the quotation, we will draw up plans on AutoCad design program and specify design details, materials and furniture hardware. The design can be modified until you are completely happy with the every detail.

Hayward CADHeyward1


Making your Furniture

Once you approve the plans, our skilled Australian craftsmen make, deliver and install your new piece of furniture.

Delivery and Installation

Typically a project from beginning to end will take approximately 12 weeks. Installation takes between a half to a full day.


As each piece of furniture is designed differently and made from different materials, it is not possible to give you a quote before having a design concept.

The selection of the material makes a difference of up to 30%. The number of drawers you have can make a difference of $500 per bank of drawers. Whether you have lighting or any other extras changes the price.

But as a general guide, our cabinetry ranges from $2,500 to $4,000 per metre wide x 2.4 metres high for manufacture, delivery and installation.

Please call us, if you wish to discuss the pricing of an existing unit on our website and we can formulate how this can modified to suit your needs and budget.

Our Trading Terms

If you are happy with our quotation, we will provide you with a confirmation order that outlines the specifications of your furniture and terms of our service. We then require a 30% deposit to begin the detailed furniture plans.

After your 30% deposit, we request a further 50% progress payment a week prior to installation and the final 20% on day of delivery. We accept payment by MasterCard, Visa, cash or cheque or payment by EFT.