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Floor to ceiling entertainment and storage unit fitted between window and doorway. Open section for television and sound bar with cable access to four cupboards below. AV equipment and subwoofer housed in cupboards below with cable management and ventilation throughout. Double drawers to left hand side below top. Two long general storage cupboards and display shelving tower to left hand side above top. Four general storage cupboards stepped back and floating above TV section with adjustable shelves throughout.

Size: 4m wide x 2.7m high x 0.5m deep

Materials: Stained Victorian Ash with 30% clear satin lacquer finish. Painted Dulux White Cloak 1/4 strength with 30% gloss finish.

Client Reference: “I was impressed with Mark’s understanding of what I wanted to achieve. Mark was proactive during the whole process from the initial designs through to installation. I had a high level of trust with Mark in that he could anticipate potential problems with the design and trouble shoot them with ease. I am more than happy to report that the final product is above and beyond what I had expected. The pieces of cabinetry are of such high quality and the finish is impeccable.”