Victorian Style Wall Unit with glass pane cupboards. 4 file drawers, 4 cupboards and 22 adjustable shelves. Size: 3.2m wide x 2.7m high x 0.6m deep Material: American Cherry veneer, clear satin lacquer finish


BIT Maw1

Classic Cabinet with two Blackwood columns. Halogen down lights to top section. 2 doors, 4 file drawers and three general drawers to base cabinet with accommodation for fax / printer on slide out shelf. Size: 2.4m wide x 2.6m high x 0.5m wide Material: Cabinetry in painted single pack White on White and Solid Blackwood Columns […]



Cabinetry made suit federation style house with simplified details. Built into alcove around fireplace with three cupboards and book shelving on either side. Adjustable shelves throughout. Size: 1.6m wide x 2.8m high x 0.4m deep each Materials: Painted white with clear satin lacquer finish



Alcove book shelving either side of fireplace. Glass doors and display lighting above bench top. Frame and panel doors with adjustable shelves inside. Fluting and cornice detail to match existing within house. Size: 0.9m wide x 3.6m high x 0.4m deep each Material: Solid Jarrah with Jarrah veneer internals, clear satin lacquer finish.


BS Segal2

Book shelving with simple moulding. Wide fixed shelves for storage of paperbacks. Size: 4.4m wide x 2.5m high x 0.4m deep Materials: Single pac painted white, satin lacquer finish 30% gloss.



Victorian-style library with moulded features and a rolling library ladder. Four frame and panel doors, six file drawers, four general drawers and adjustable shelving throughout. Size: 4.3m wide x 2.8m high x 0.6m deep Materials: Walnut veneer with solid walnut mouldings. Clear satin lacquer finish 30% gloss.