Asian inspired wall to wall unit with large storage cupboards. Traditional Chinese brass handles and adjustable shelves throughout. Size: 3.6m wide x 2.7m high x 0.4m deep Materials: Painted Dulux Off White, 30% gloss


DM1501 small

Total of twelve bays comprising of eight-bay cabinet at 800mm high with six doors and two banks of three drawers with CD/DVD racks. Two cupboard bays at 550mm high for television allowance. Double width book shelving from floor to ceiling on left. Eight bays of shelving above cabinet to fit record player, amplifiers and speakers […]



Victorian Ash library unit. Custom rolling ladder on timber dowel rail with stainless steel fittings. Frame and panel doors with slatted doors to disguise heater. Cornice above fitted to cabinet. Adjustable shelves throughout. Size: Along main wall: 3.8m wide x 2.9m high x 0.4m deep Wall with window: 2m wide x 2.9m high x 0.4 deep Materials: Ladder, […]



Desk, shelving and storage unit which returns around either side of fireplace. Frame of panel doors to wardrobe. Internally fitted out with hanging rails, drawers and shelves. Size: Long wall: 4.5m wide x 2.2m high x 0.6m deep Either side of fireplace: 0.6m wide x 2.2m high x 0.3m deep Materials: Painted Dulux Hog Bristle, quarter strength […]

Batterham Library


Desk and library unit with traditional capping, timber frame and panel doors, lamb’s tongue profile to desktop and adjustable shelving throughout. Size: 4.4m wide x 2.9m high x 0.5m deep Materials: Blackwood Veneer with solid front edging to shelves and desktop


Ritli small D16427

Storage unit with nine file drawers and glass display doors. Stepped back bookcases on either side with adjustable shelves. Size: 3.1m wide x 2.1m high x 0.5m deep Materials: American Cherry veneer, with tint. Clear satin lacquer finish