Ritli small D16424

Period double desk around corner and display shelving designed to match existing cabinet. Three file drawers and twelve general drawers below desk. Adjustable glass shelving with down lighting to corner. Adjustable shelving with timber edging, with end bays curved for art deco appearance. Left hand size: 3.4m wide x 2.3m high x 0.7m deep Right hand size: […]

Batterham Library


Desk and library unit with traditional capping, timber frame and panel doors, lamb’s tongue profile to desktop and adjustable shelving throughout. Size: 4.4m wide x 2.9m high x 0.5m deep Materials: Blackwood Veneer with solid front edging to shelves and desktop



Wall to wall home office built around existing desk comprising of four file drawers and two narrow cupboards, floating shelving unit above with adjustable shelves throughout. Fluting, handles and bench top detailed to match desk. Free standing cupboard made central to existing drawer units. With matching plinth and bench top profile. Wall Unit Size: 3.1m wide […]



Home office / study unit which surrounds three walls. Victorian ash built in units with jarrah inlay. Long desk without legs running under window. Hidden cupboards under desk. Floating shelves on right hand wall. Size: 4m wide shelving, 2.9m wide desk, 2.6m wide storage x 2.5m high x 0.7m deep Materials: Tasmanian oak veneer with […]


Perez study1

Victorian L- shaped library unit with moulding to match existing in house. Built around fireplace and mantle. Frame and panel doors below, adjustable shelves above. Size: Units each side of fire place: 1.2m wide x 2.9m high x 0.4m deep Unit along right hand wall 3.3m wide x 2.9m high x 0.4m deep Materials: Cherry […]



Wall to wall curved desk unit. Built in down lights with adjustable shelving above. Three file drawers and two general drawers below. Size: 3.1m wide x 2.4m high x 0.7m deep Material: Tasmanian Myrtle veneer with clear satin lacquer finish