To and Ou 02

Storage unit fitted wall to wall, floor to ceiling for a home office. Comprising of four doors, eight file drawers and adjustable shelving above. Matching cornice installed to create a built in appearance. Size: 3.9m wide x 2.7m high x 0.5m deep Materials: Painted Dulux White on White, 30% gloss



L-shaped home office with two work spaces. Four file drawers, two storage cupboards and floating shelves above. LED strip lighting illuminates desk against wall. Cable management throughout. Wall side desk size: 3m wide x 0.8m high x 0.7m deep Wall side shelf size: 2.8m wide x 0.8m high x 0.3m deep Window side desk size: 2.1m […]



L-shaped desk with floating shelves above. Two file drawers, two pen drawers and cable management under desk top. Window side desk size: 1.9m wide x 0.8m high x 0.6m deep Window side shelf size: 1.2m wide x 0.8m high x 0.3m deep Wall side desk size: 1.3m wide x 0.8m high x 0.5m deep Wall […]

Gage Kids


Childrens play room with two desks and stepped storage drawers. Floating shelves between windows. Cable management throughout. Cabinet size: 4.9m wide x 0.7m high x 0.7m deep Shelf size: 2.2m wide x 0.8m high x 0.3m deep Materials: Benchtop in Laminex Limestone, Diamond Gloss finish with matching acrylic edge. Cabinets and shelving in Laminex Polar White, […]



L-shaped desk with two work stations. Five file drawers and storage cupboards with adjustable shelves throughout. Cable tray beneath desk for tidy workstations and cable management hidden throughout cabinets. LED strip lighting above desk. Left hand size: 2m wide x 2.4m high x 0.5m deep Right hand size: 3.1m wide x 2.4m high x 0.7m […]



L-shaped home office with timber sliding doors. Including four double file drawers, glass display shelving with down lights. Cable management for printer and sound system. Adjustable shelves throughout. Left hand size: 2.9m wide x 2.6m high x 0.6m deep Right hand size: 4m wide x 2.6m high 0.6m deep Materials: Lower cupboards and drawers painted Dulux […]