Luk D17844small

Floor to ceiling entertainment and storage unit fitted between window and doorway. Open section for television and sound bar with cable access to four cupboards below. AV equipment and subwoofer housed in cupboards below with cable management and ventilation throughout. Double drawers to left hand side below top. Two long general storage cupboards and display […]


Ridsdale D17854small

Wall to wall, floor to ceiling shelving, storage and entertainment unit. Consists of seven storage cupboards below, open space for TV and display, adjustable shelving above and floor to ceiling stepped back shelving to fit beside window. Cable management and ventilation throughout. Size: 5m wide x 2.7m high x 0.4m deep Materials: Benchtop in 40mm […]



Stepped entertainment unit with floating shelf. Seventeen storage drawers, two central doors and one drop down door. Cable management throughout and allowance for sub-woofer. Size: 4.7m wide x 1.4m high (to shelf) 0.6m high (lower drawers) x 0.6m deep Materials:¬†American oak veneer stained to golden oak colour with clear satin lacquer finish. Back panel painted […]



Low lying L-shaped entertainment unit running along whole wall and into corner. Built around pillar and comprising of six doors with adjustable shelves inside, two drawers and open shelves. Allowance for cables to run throughout cabinet. Recessed pull handles for neat contemporary look. Long wall size: 6.5m wide x 0.5m high x 0.5m deep Short […]



Entertainment unit with Shoji screen style sliding door which hides behind cabinet when open. Unit comprising of eight drawers and two doors, opening for TV with cable management throughout. Two glass doors with adjustable glass shelves inside and two central glass shelves. Down lights above all glass shelving areas. Long adjustable timber shelves to rest […]



Floor to ceiling entertainment, storage and display unit. Sliding artwork hides TV and drop down desk hides computer when not in use. Five suspended glass display shelves with five down lights. Three long storage drawers and storage cupboards with adjustable shelves throughout. Hidden wine rack in corner cupboard facing into kitchen. Cable management throughout. Size: […]