Abram_19 lo res houzz

Abram (detail), 2016
Gouache and charcoal on plywood
400 x 450 x 1860 mm

Monique La Fontaine is an Australian artist whose work explores the mysterious nature of being human. She recently completed a Master of Contemporary Art at the Victorian College of the Arts, graduating with First Class Honours and was awarded the Lionel Gell Foundation Award for excellence.

Her masters project People Shrines celebrates ordinary people in three dimensional portraits, inspired by ‘cabinets of curiosity’, the aesthetics of empathy, traditional Chinese furniture, and myriad of other things.

I you are interested in commissioning a personalised piece of art furniture, please contact Mark on 0409 388 813.

If you are interested in viewing La Fontaine’s other artwork please visit: www.moniquelafontaine.com.au